Things to Consider while purchasing spices online

Things to Consider while purchasing spices online

Spices play an important role in our day to day life and are important for a healthy life. These are nature’s gifts and are vital for healthy food and medicinal purposes. Nowadays we can also buy spices from different locations through online stores.

Below are the few guidelines to look out when buying Spices Online

1) Origin

The first thing to consider while buying spices and herbs online is to check the store’s details and address of the company. The sources of spices are important and  checking the online seller’s location is important.


2)Reputed Seller

Check the reputation of the seller before placing the order. It’s important to buy from a reputed or a reliable seller as we blindly trust the spice’s seller. So you need to read the review and the feedback about the online seller and the genuineness of the review.



Usually herbs and spices are often subjected to adulteration as to prolong their shelf life or to enhance the colour and texture and aroma. To check the authenticity of the products,  make sure the brand is FSSAI licensed and this licence will be issued if they follow the basic food safety protocols as instructed by the Government. Also go through the reviews or feedback from the customers.

4)Bulk Quantity 

While buying, try to buy the spices in small quantities because the freshness and quality won’t last long. Especially if you are buying for the first time online then buy a small quantity of each spice. Repeat the order again if the products are good.If you are a retailer or you run a hotel business, initially conduct a market research and buy the products in small quantities. Give repeat orders if you find the services good and affordable.

Bulk Quantity

5)Quality and Quantity

Once you are satisfied with the quality of the spice don’t forget to check the quantity it offers. Many people will ignore the quality and end up buying more quantities of spice. Check whether the spices are pure and unadulterated and also check the ingredients, nutritional label of the product and also check for food safety and guidelines certificates.


6) Pricing

While buying, go through relevant websites and check for pricings of the product. If you find the products at the best price and you get the best value for your money then place your order.

7)COD Facility

If you come across any online spice store and when you decide to buy from them for the first time then opt for COD. If not, go through the website, check the reviews and opt to pay online. Also make sure the online payment is secured and all your details will remain safe.When you buy from a seller for the first time check whether the seller offers you the return option. Once delivered if you are not satisfied with the quality and quantity of the spice you can return the product and get your money back.

8)Contacting the Seller

While purchasing spices and herbs online,  we may have doubts in the quality, quantity, shelf life, price and so on. It’s best to check the concerned website for details. If possible try to contact the seller and enquire about the products, services, products availability and then place the order.


Above are the aspects you must consider while purchasing herbs and spices online. One of the benefits of buying spices online is that we can purchase spices from the comfort of our home where you can get various discounts and also you can save time. However we need to check and research various ecommerce sites that sell spices online and purchase the best spices products for your cooking.

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